All images on this site are available in limited editions of ten, unframed, on 13"X19" archival matte paper (image size varies, average 12X16"). Each print is signed and numbered. E-mail the artist for details.

I print on the Epson R2400, a truly revolutionary ink jet printer. According to PCWorld's review,

"Epson's new pigment ink process applies an acrylic polymer resin to the ink particle, making it spherical in shape. The result is a color image that has even light reflection. By contrast, ordinary, untreated pigment inks have relatively large, unevenly sized particles that reflect light unevenly and create a dull surface.

Furthermore, while other pigment inks lie on top of the paper's surface and are easily scratched or damaged, Epson's process is lightfast and more durable. The pigment ink particles penetrate into the coating of the special types of paper that Epson has developed to complement the ink technology. One of the advantages of pigment ink is that it has the potential to last a long time: Depending on the paper stock, the ink produced by this printer is rated by Epson to last from 140 years to more than 200 years."